What Is SURFfit

What is SURFfit and why do I need to do it?

“It comes down to being better, faster, stronger. I’ve had a lot of friends—and I’m sure you have, too—that have been injured doing boardsports. I see a lot of people rehabbing and trying to get back to doing the sports they love and it takes a long time. The type of exercises we do and teach in our videos help keep you out of the position of getting injured in the first place; it’s about prevention as much as it’s about performance.”

SURFfit is the total body premiere exercise system that utilizes fit: functional integrated training.  These strengthening and stabilizing exercises provide faster and better results than the more traditional cardio and strength training programs of the past, triggering multiple muscle groups to move in a various range of motions.  Developed over 20 years of collaboration between expert trainer and professional athlete, the workout progression delivers remarkable results balancing the body along the all three planes of motion: sagittal, coronal, and transverse. With SURFfit you will enjoy increased strength, power, agility, endurance, flexibility and balance.  But SURFfit isn’t just for surfers and pro athletes.  Anyone who wants to be in the best shape of their life can use these training techniques to help them achieve the best fitness of their life!

SURFfit: Train Like The Pros

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