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I started the program off iTunes. I love it so far but it has only been a week so I don't have much to offer at this time. I am very interested in buying a bunch of tshirts. I love the program and logo and would like to support the Company. How can you purchase the shirts? Also do you sell any branded water bottles.

thanks for your help,


Matt Hart

I wanted to give you a shout-out and say how much I love SurfFit. I always considered myself in shape, but your video has revealed some flaws in my routine, surfing, and flexibility. Your video is doing all it can to balance all those areas out. I really enjoy the workout! I'm also into a healthy diet. I'm enjoying the health posts you out on Facebook. I hope there will be another SurfFit video out in the future!

Nick Freeman

I thought I was fairly fit. When I got the video and watched the exercises I thought no problem these are easy. Boy was I wrong they work your core like nothing else and in 20 minutes you are worked. I am 59 and these exercises have helped me keep in surfing shape and I can hop to my feet more quickly now and my balance has improved.
Thanks for putting this together this will keep me in the water that many more years!

Mike Real

When I bought that video and watched it, I first thought "ok, many movements I didn't know before, ok...!"
Then I tried to perform that sequence... Incredible ! You really feel the work that you have done. You feel muscles that you didn't know existed!!
That's going to be my new routine,
Thanks a lot

Thierry Fevrier

After using SURFfit for the last 6 months I feel lighter on my feet and lose on my Surfboard. I strongly recommend this product to any surfer who is looking to improve their ability in the water.

Jason Groth

This SURFfit workout is awesome. I use various forms of exercise for surfing fitness, in 20mins this is by far the best core workout I have done. Well done SURFfit team...I look forward to more in the future. Kerry. New Zealand

Kerry Clarke

This is a great workout which incorporates strength, balance and cardio while strengthening the core. Ideal for surfing.

Nick Carver

These are the exercises that took my surfing to the next level!

Staying on the ASP world tour for 20 years takes not only hard work and determination, but also staying healthy and not getting injured. These are some of the routines I have been using for over a decade to stay fit so I can be ready for when the waves are good. If you follow these exercises, I guarantee your surfing will improve like mine did!

Taylor Knox

Drew Waltman

I bought the SURFfit video last month and love the result I have seen so far. I highly recommend this video for surfers and ocean swimmers.

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