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Train Like The Pros DVD

SURFfit is the total body premiere exercise system that utilizes fit: functional integrated training. Building on the workout progression of Surf Exercises, these Advanced strengthening and stabilizing exercises provide faster and better results than the more traditional cardio and strength training programs of the past, triggering multiple muscle groups to move in a various range of motions. The progression of 12 new exercises is designed to stimulate and stretch muscles through movements that stabilize and strengthen the core. With SURFfit you will enjoy increased strength, power, agility, endurance, flexibility and balance.

SURFfit Will

– increase your stamina so you can surf longer.
– get you in better shape so you can charge the big waves.
– turn your muscles on so you feel more confident in the water.
– prevent injury so you don’t miss any great sessions.
So get a copy today and Take Your Surfing To The Next Level!!!

Watch SURFfit Teaser

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