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Surf Exercises Video Download

This is the video that started it all! An Intermediate level exercise progression, Surf Exercises is designed to get the body into peak physical condition with a series of no/low-impact exercises, that when followed in progression, give the body a full workout in the least amount of time as possible.

The secret?  Most exercise videos work only one muscle group at a time.  Surf Exercises activates multiple muscle groups in each exercise that will help you sculpt powerful lean muscle and boost your metabolism.  The movements are designed to help you lose weight, improve balance, increase stamina, and tone your body.  By using your own body weight as resistance, the exercises improve joint mobility and posture to help you achieve the toned and powerful body of a professional surfer.

The SURFfit Exercises Video Will

– Increase your stamina so you can surf longer.
– Get you in better shape so you can charge the big waves.
– Turn your muscles on so you feel more confident in the water.
– Prevent injury so you don’t miss any great sessions.

So get a copy today and Take Your Surfing To The Next Level!!!


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