Will SURFfit make me surf better?

Taylor: “My partner, Paul Hiniker, was a professional vert skater when he was younger, he’s a great snowboarder, and [he] has been surfing for over 30 years. Between him and I, we watch all kinds of surf videos, skate videos. We watch a lot of surfing video and take note of what body position works with a lot of elite athletes like Danny Way and top-level snowboarders like Gretchen Bleiler and Elena Hight. Between the two of us, Paul and I have a lot of years of experience with these sports, so we’ve put that experience into these workouts, making them very specific to surfing, skating, and snowboarding. It’s not just for pros, though; these videos are for anybody that wants to get strong [and] look good in their core section—something a lot of us could use some work on, including you, Chris. Again, it’s not a bodybuilding bulk-up thing, it’s about speed and agility—go fast, turn hard.”

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